(Stupid question ahead):Could you post an HD picture of Rick? (Not that you don't post AmAzing pictures of Rick on tumblr) it's just that I would like to draw Rick (sketch) and I'm having trouble finding a good picture of him when he's young. I just need a very high-resolution photo of young Rick, So I came to ask you because I love all your posts and you're my favorite blog... I'd appreciate it a lot! Thank you!

I’ll see what I can do

What is your main blog?

Private message and you’ll learn

Do have any pictures where Rick's eyelashes are really defined? B) thank

There’s plenty of those I’ll get to it later

I can not express my gratitude to you for running this blog! I love it so much!! Please keep up the awesome work! (I love the rare photos you have on here too) :3

You’re welcome :3